iliana marino

Iliana Marino

Office Manager

Iliana had never expected to be the Office Manager of The Body Mechanics. At first glance, many wouldn’t either; she is only 19 years old! Since she was 14, she had been working three nights a week at a clinic in archives alongside her studies. After receiving her high school diploma at 16, Iliana continued to work at the clinic while she took on a second job at a Hair Salon, working as the receptionist. She then began attending John Abbott College in the Engineering Technologies program alongside these two jobs. In 2017, she discontinued her studies to work full time, and started up her own Network Marketing business in skincare and cosmetics.

It was with these combined skills she had acquired from her job experiences that landed her the receptionist position for The Body Mechanics. Iliana started by working a couple of days a week with very few tasks on her plate, but she hit the ground running. Over the course of a few months, it became apparent how dedicated and determined she was about her new position. Iliana was promoted to Office Manager in Fall of 2018, and she couldn’t be happier. She sincerely loves her new family at The Body Mechanics; this includes her two bosses, colleagues and of course their amazing clients.